Kamae has been grooming since 2014.

She has a 15 year old black farm cat that is very loving.

Kamae loves all dogs and cats.

Casey graduated from Rio Gran School of Pet Grooming in December of 2012 and has been grooming since then. Previously she was a bather with Groomingdale's. Casey has been with Groomingdale's since early 2010.

She has an eight year old tortoiseshell cat, Trudy and a seventeen year old quarter horse mix.

Casey passed a Groom Elite class for horses and truly loves making animals look and feel their best!

Beth has been grooming pets since 2008 and has been with Groomingdale's since January of 2017. She graduated from pet grooming School in August of 2008.

Beth has a Corgi named Ein and a Lab Pitbull mix named Dino.

Animals have always been a passion for Beth. She also has a special love for goats and chickens. 

Kara is a 2012 graduate of Rio Gran School of Pet Grooming and has been with Groomingdale's since December of 2012.

She has a two year old basset hound, Norman: a nineteen year old Morgan/quarter horse mix, Babe: a four year old hedge hog, Vinnie and a three year old chinchilla, Maisy.

Kara is excited to have a career working with animals. She loves coming to Groomingdale's and to be with dogs all day! Kara has a soft spot in her heart for older dogs that need a little extra care.